CodePath’s Michael Ellison: How reverse engineering can diversify the tech talent pipeline

Media October 12, 2022

“CodePath has become a layer on top of colleges and universities. We’re changing what’s being taught, how it’s being taught, training professors, changing curriculum. And you can think of the intervention across each of the different places, the root causes, where often people from low-income, underrepresented backgrounds will fall off track, while CodePath keeps them in. So that means freshman year, courses that you would take before your first introductory technology courses to give you confidence to build the skills that make you better prepared to persist going to sophomore, junior year. Also addressing the critical knowledge and skill gaps to ensure that when you get that first technical internship or that first job, then you’re prepared to have outsized achievement, as well as also having that confidence, as opposed to oftentimes young people are coming unprepared even though they’re doing well academically. So all of that holistically is the focus.”

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