Our Mission

Blue Meridian’s dedicated staff is driven by a deep, relentless commitment to our mission.

Blue Meridian Partners seeks to transform the life trajectories of young people and families in poverty.

We do this in two ways.

First, we identify successful strategies for addressing social problems confronting young people and families in poverty and help scale them.

Second, we unlock significant capital by providing philanthropists a way to pool resources to support scaling – often investing $100 million or more in each strategy. Our Partners work collaboratively – sharing the costs, risks and rewards of our efforts.

We believe our performance-based investing approach – combined with our model of capital aggregation – has the potential to change the funding paradigm for solving problems in the social sector.

Our Values

At Blue Meridian Partners, we are driven by a deep commitment to our mission, and we center ourselves around four core values that keep us connected to the work, to the people we serve, and to each other.

Belief in People

We trust nonprofit leaders and their visions for transformative change in the lives of the people they serve; we trust that these leaders know how to best achieve their goals.


We are emboldened by the resilience of young people and families seeking social and economic mobility; we believe conscientious investments and support from strong communities can enable them to achieve their aspirations.


We empower our staff to support investees, lead with humility and perseverance, and innovate in service of our mission.


We work through a collaborative model of philanthropy that unlocks significant capital to advance bold ideas and solutions.  The challenges we collectively face defy simple solutions or single actors and require long-term investments to achieve results.


With our Partners, we aim to change the funding paradigm for addressing social problems within the US, creating a greater, more flexible flow of resources and stronger supports for diverse social sector leaders.


We seek to learn through creative problem solving, courageous conversations, and authentic relationships with each other and with nonprofit leaders.


We endeavor for an organization and, ultimately, a society where belonging, respect and fairness are core principles that drive our individual and collective actions.


We cannot achieve our mission unless we authentically reflect and practice equity, diversity, and inclusion in our workforce, our organizational culture, and our investment approach.


We seek to make decisions that advance social justice and mobility for those most deeply affected by historic and endemic racial and economic disparities.



We are singularly focused on creating lasting, positive impact through our investments, holding ourselves and our investees accountable to the highest possible standards.


We look for evidence of meaningful change in the lives of the people touched by our investments; our approach reflects this commitment to facts, data, and results.


We ask hard questions and are prepared to make bold choices to get to strong outcomes as quickly as possible.