Meeting scale with scale

Blue Meridian Partners is a pioneering philanthropic model for finding and funding scalable solutions to the problems that trap young people and families in poverty in the US.

Why We Do This Work

Blue Meridian Invests in Exceptional Strategies

Blue Meridian partners with investors and social sector leaders to identify, fund and scale up the most promising strategies to promote economic mobility for young people and families trapped in poverty.

We operate with an investor mindset, but measure success in terms of greater social impact rather than financial returns. In practice, this means we view our grants as “investments” that serve as flexible, upfront growth capital for organizations, and we believe in providing sustained operational support and strategic guidance to maximize long-term impact.

We build on our current portfolio by constantly exploring new collaborations and testing new innovations that can achieve our mission.

Our Investments

Blue Meridian’s large, unrestricted philanthropic investments provide visionary social sector leaders the right-sized capital they require to meet the scale of the problem and achieve impact. Our current portfolio of 10 investments reflects our belief in the power of solutions at national scale and recognizes the importance of the local community and living environment on life outcomes. Each Blue Meridian investee pursues an ambitious goal: solving a significant social problem confronting young people and families in poverty and enabling them to lead more productive lives.

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  • 8 national scaling strategies
  • 2 regionally focused strategies
  • $2 billion pooled to date

Our Partners

Blue Meridian Partners is a partnership of results-oriented philanthropists and philanthropic institutions united by a shared belief that everyone should have a fair and equal opportunity to succeed. Working collectively, the Partners share the costs, risks and successes of our performance-based approach.

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About Us

Blue Meridian's group of visionary and results-focused leaders and staff share a commitment to improving the lives of young people and families in poverty in the US.

Meet Our Team

A New 'Normal' for Philanthropy

Nancy Roob, CEO, shares her vision for a massive change in how philanthropy funds social programs.

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