Transforming the life trajectories of young people and families trapped in poverty.

Why We Do This Work

A Pioneering Philanthropic Model

Blue Meridian Partners is a pioneering philanthropic model for finding and funding scalable solutions to the problems that trap young people and families in poverty in the US. These complex problems require integrated solutions, so we partner with social sector leaders to target drivers of poverty from a range of angles and connect nationwide and regional work.

We operate with an investor mindset, but measure success in terms of social impact rather than financial returns. In practice, this means we view our grants as “investments” that supply flexible capital for organizations. We believe in providing sustained support for operational evolution and strategic guidance to maximize long-term impact.

Ultimately, we seek to scale the most promising solutions in the social sector in order to change the life trajectories of millions of young people and families now and create better opportunities for generations to come. We are constantly exploring new collaborations and innovating in ways that can help us achieve our mission.

5 Investment Portfolios

$2 Billion pooled to date

$100 Million for COVID-19 emergency relief

COVID-19 Response

Blue Meridian is taking a multipronged approach to tackling the crisis in the US. We are supporting the immediate needs of young people and families in poverty, while building a strategic response for an equitable long-term recovery.

A New ‘Normal’ for Philanthropy

Nancy Roob, CEO, shares her vision for a massive change in how philanthropy funds programs to reach greater scale and solve social problems.

Our Partners

Blue Meridian Partners brings together results-oriented philanthropists - both individual and institutional - united in the shared belief that we must disrupt the social sector marketplace to get significant capital flowing to the most promising solutions.

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About Us

Blue Meridian's leaders and staff bring vision, rigor, and a shared commitment to improving the lives of young people and families in poverty in the US.

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