About Us

Blue Meridian Partners is a group of philanthropists who seek to transform the life trajectories of young people and families in poverty across America.

How We Work

Blue Meridian identifies, invests in and scales up the most promising strategies poised to make a national impact on solving the social problems confronting young people and families in poverty. We assess potential “investees” according to key criteria and help them develop a Scaling Plan to grow with quality. After we make an investment, we monitor our investee’s performance, and tie payouts to meeting of key milestones.

Our Team

Blue Meridian is staffed by an experienced team of visionary and results-focused leaders united by commitment to improving the lives of young people and families in poverty in the United States. Our team supports all of Blue Meridian’s activities by identifying promising strategies, developing scaling plans, structuring deals, and monitoring performance on behalf of our Partners. Our team also maintains a pipeline of prospect organizations.

Additional Support

Blue Meridian Partners greatly benefits from the support of two organizations. First, Blue Meridian is incubated at the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (EMCF). In addition to sharing infrastructure and back-end support, we are building on EMCF’s decades of experience implementing a performance-based investment approach and on the its leadership in aggregating growth capital.

Second, the Bridgespan Group provides state-of-the art strategy support to Blue Meridian’s investees. Bridgespan helps investees create robust and comprehensive Scaling Plans with sophisticated business modeling and long-term financial sustainability goals. Additionally, the Bridgespan Group provides critical support to Blue Meridian sourcing and due diligence efforts.