Unifying America: Non-Profit Provides Support For Low-Income Workers Looking To Switch Careers

Media March 9, 2021

“‘I hit a low point and almost depression. I hit a wall and I am looking at my kids and saying how can I show them my worth,’ Tovar said. ‘I really didn’t know what I was going to do or what the future looked like.’

Then he was introduced to Social Finance, an impact investing non-profit that aims to help low-income people to get the proper training and skills they need for in-demand jobs.

‘Yes, we have bad unemployment. There’s still six-million job openings across the country. More than half are good jobs with decent pay. But how do you get people who have been shut of the system, get the skills to participate in the economy,’ said CEO and co-founder of Social Finance Tracy Palandjian.”

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