How to Solve the Giving Pledge Bottleneck—and Fund Large-Scale Solutions

Media December 15, 2021

“A new crop of venture philanthropy managers has come up, in part, to help to create vehicles to deploy larger funds into nonprofits. Blue Meridian Partners, Co-Impact, Lever for Change, The Audacious Project and others are third-party active managers of philanthropy. They each have their own approach, and have begun to see success (Blue Meridian has been deploying about $200 million each into 10 nonprofits for a few years). Each has a different level of “active management” for the philanthropy they deploy on behalf of a group of well-known billionaires. They agree that it is hard to find nonprofits with plans for this kind of scale, and with the ability to quickly double or triple their size to have a greater impact.”

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