Ford Foundation and partners announce $250 million commitment to easing the path from prison to workforce

Media July 14, 2021

“Jim Shelton, the chief investment and impact officer at Blue Meridian Partners, said that the pandemic, which led to many people being released from prisons earlier than planned, highlighted the needs of the formerly incarcerated.

‘It made clear that the services that folks need to transition successfully weren’t there, and that was exacerbated because such large numbers were coming out,’ Shelton said. ‘But the evidence is really clear that if you can get people into jobs, especially jobs that pay enough money, then they are much less likely to go back to prison, much less likely to commit crime in general. And so what we are really asking for employers and policymakers to consider is, what does it really mean to give someone a second chance?’

The direct assistance Rogers received gave her breathing room, and she was able to focus on reentering the job market. After months of searching, this spring, she found part-time work in the marketing department of a business consulting firm. Soon, she will be finishing the accounting degree she started before going to prison.”

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